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Christmas tree advent calender

Christmas is comin up and I made a advent calender for little V. She is too small to understand a calender with gifts each day so I just wanted to make a really colourful one.

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Look Boxes

It is much easier than you think to create a fun look box and it doesn´t necessairy have to be made of wood (the case) cardboard works more than well. Cut out shapes and figures from pieces of fabrics that you might have at home. Stuff them with cotton. I […]

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Tutorial make your own baby cap

The idea and pattern for the baby hat I found at Gekkos. How to: Cut out a pattern in paper. My pattern is 20×36 cm and it fits a 6 months baby. Cut the fabric double folded with inside out. Sew it together. Fold it in the middle so you […]

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Art with pieces of fabric

      There’s often pieces of fabric left after different sewing projects. Why not create art or wall decorations from it? Just cut out your favourite pieces and put them together in a frame.

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A stool made from old jeans

I realised that I had lots of old jeans just laying around. Most of them I had grown out of a long time ago… Just roll them up a make a stool! The case is made from an old pillowcase. The idea to make a stool from recycled fabrics I […]

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Little Monsters

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A chair for the little one

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Birds and more birds

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A very easy solution of a mobile. If you don´t have any padding for the figures, use cotton or an old pillow that you don’t need anymore.  

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